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Scammers scammers scammers. Every time there supposed to get in contact with you there excuse is they have no wifi..

Only company in the US that has no wifi.

But they have no problem when there scamming thousands of dollars for you. Beware Beware

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Alliance Coaching System - Defrauded by DUSTIN VICE - Scammer life Coach

Not resolved

This is a fair and honest review of my experience with DUSTIN VICE and his company He calls himself a “A professional, top accredited Personal & Business Development Coach, advisor, and consultant”.

I found out the hard way that he is not any of the above. Below is my story.

I met Dustin in Bangkok October 2012 and after going through a bad year in my personal life I thought I needed some extra help to become motivated and achieve goals. Dustin talks the talk and after meeting him he told me about helping many people and that working with him would change my life. It did change, in the fact I paid him a lot of money and did not get the service or Life Coaching that was promised.

He obviously previously worked in sales and was pushy saying all the right things. After the meeting I wanted time to think about things and was contacted often asking “Where we were on making this happen?” “Could I afford not to do this?” as he said the rewards I would reap with working with him would be beyond my wildest dreams etc. He promised I would be writing a glowing testimonial for him and his company after 6 months together.

After choosing to go ahead with him the only option was his ‘STELLA VIP 6 month package’ nothing could have been further from Stella or VIP. It cost $7000 USD for 6 months of coaching. Contracts stated a full satisfaction refund guarantee and was promised if I was not happy at all I could always call in this an be refunded in full. This was my leverage I always had and reassured me while lying through his teeth. Contracts were signed and dated. If only he was a pushy in giving back my money than he was with taking it I guess I wouldn’t be posting this review online.

Months 1-2:

I would meet once a week with Dustin, which wasn’t the full on support he sold to me. One hour session a week for what was working out to be nearly $1’200 a month was not really value for money in my eyes. He would ask me what was going on but somehow the conversation would always drift onto him, how successful he was and how much money he earned. I found this highly embarrassing an inappropriate. I also got the feeling he had better things to do, this might be down to the fact he checked his Iphone a lot or had his gym bag by his side and asking if we were done as he had a Yoga class to make. I know what your thinking he can’t get anymore professional… oh he does.

Months 3-6:

Dustin left for the America where he is from, stating he was going on courses to better himself an deliver better service to me and all his clients. He also never gave me a time when he would be back in Bangkok and was very vague about dates. He said he would check in with me on Skype, which I did not like the sound of. Call me old fashioned but I want a face to face with this kind of service. I wish he had mentioned this when trying to get me to sign up, but of course he hadn’t. I felt like I didn’t just pay $7000 for my coach to leave town and Skype every now an again. He said all his clients did this and it’s fine! I wasn’t fine with it. Anyways I did not have much choice now that I had paid.

While Dustin was away contact pretty much stopped. The 2 or so times we did Skype was when he was on bad 3G connection which sounded he was on the high way and kept dropping in a out. A Great way to deal with clients who have paid top dollar. Don’t you think? I was insulted by it.

I would text him to try to book sessions and a lot of the time there would be no reply or it would go something like this. “Hey let me get back to you asap I’m just driving”. A week sometimes two passed by and not a word and suddenly out of the blue I get a message saying “Hey lets get you booked in!”. I wouldn’t mind if he had gone for a 5 minute bathroom break. The guy disappeared off the radar for weeks at a time with no apologies or mention of this strange behavior. Unfortunately for him not being the brightest human being on planet earth he would still post pictures of him enjoying drinks with friends and delicious deserts he had to share on face-book. This is obviously why he was so snowed under to get back to me. I am glad he was having fun though, I was paying for it!

By this time I had given up the ghost and knew Dustin was not only a bad coach but also not a man of his word.

Months 6-12:

When Dustin did finally arrive back in Thailand we met up. Looking much more rotund than when he left I guess he was living the good life back in the USA. He mentioned nothing of his lack of communication and tried to act normal. I told him I would not be renewing as 6 months was already up. He said he knew he did not provided an adequate service and would extend for another 6 months. I did not really like the sound of it as I knew it would be more of the same. And it was. Less than 4 weeks back in town and he said he was off to the USA again. We had a meeting which turned into him having a meltdown at me in a café after I apparently overstepped the mark after giving him some advice on nutrition and healthy eating. He called it an intervention for my own good saying I needed to stop speaking to people in such a rude manner. I didn’t know friendly advice about what foods help you burn fat could be taken so badly. As if I cared how big his waistline got anyway. I saw through it and the guy was pissed off about something having a bad day, month life and wanted to take it out on whoever. Not really the support I had paid for! For someone to shout at me! He shouldn’t be in a bad mood with trusting clients giving him $7000 and hardly doing any work for it, he should be grateful but this guys arrogance has got to be seen to be believed.

By now I had had it. I called another meeting an asked for my money back. I thought I would be fair and request a refund of half the money as he was in town for the first few months at least and a ghost for the rest so I thought fairs fair. He can have half, give me half back and we go our separate ways. He wasn’t having any of it and tried to say sorry for his outburst and that he would work diligently to prove he was a good coach an earn a good appraisal. I found it quite embarrassing and said I needed time to think. Deep down I guess I knew what was to come but I thought maybe he might input some effort and maybe I am too nice. I agreed, as I am obviously ***.

The Finale:

So Dustin returns to America and carries on with the same behavior. Cancels, goes missing and pulls his old tricks. After a few weeks of this I requested I wanted a refund out right. He said he would not give it to me as his only offer was to offer more coaching. I couldn’t believe it. What about the contract we signed I asked? “Oh that is down to my discretion” he says and that I was at fault too for our unsuccessfulness, wow way to get things back on track Coach. Blame me! After telling him I would write an honest online testimonial of his services he told me he would refund me in 6 months time. Don’t ask me why but he says I had six months to either take his offer of more coaching. Which is basically more *** service or wait 6 months and receive a full refund.

I believed he would refund on the date, which fell on the 1st of March as he even stated in his own email. The date came and went and nothing from him. One week and four polite emails later from me and he replies telling me to leave him alone and he will deal with it in his own time and that he never stated the 1st of March. I forwarded him his own email, which stated the refund would be processed on the 1st of March. He never replied to that funnily enough.

I waited for over a month sending the occasional mail asking about the refund. If I left him alone he would of course not contact me and If I asked him what was going on he told me I was bullying him and he would not respond to bullying? I was going round in circles. I never bullied or threatened him once and was always very polite hoping he would come through and be a man of his word. It has become obvious that he never had any intention to refund me. It was just a way to get me off his back for the short term. Please don’t use DUSTIN VICE as your coach unless you want to lose money and have an awful experience. If you have had a bad experience with Dustin like me or are wondering if you should sign up with him and his company and have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

I am now taking legal action over this lying, slippery excuse for a coach.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Ewww. Just...ewww.


You saw this guy's photo and *still* decided to give him money?? Wow.


Hello, I'm Dustin Vice. I have been aware of this negative review not long after it was posted.

I chose to ignore it rather than feed into it. There is certainly more to this story. I have learned a lot from this interaction both personally and, most importantly, as a Personal Development Coach. This review was recently posted in a comment to my newest testimonial video.

In response I asked my clients and coaches if they would comment on it to give a fair representation of me. If you have any questions for me you may reach me directly by emailing me at

to dustinvice #1046504

Hi Dustin, this is Matthew. Thanks for you reply.

Thanks for acknowledging my post. As you acknowledge this could you please still refund me the money I am owed?

We can draw a line under this issue and both move on knowing things didn't work between us in a business client/coach relationship but we both honored our word.

I habour no bad feelings anymore towards you and wouldn't bother carrying around any negativity about this. I forgive you for the past and wish you all the best for the future.


to Anonymous #1048914

This does not seem like the same writing style of the original author. Are not lawyers involved?

to Anonymous #1064281

Matt I send you a email in private it's from another person scammed by this so call coaching company. To me it's made up of scammers and *** people.

to dustinvice #1227736

So Dustin, It's fairly clear that you are a scam artist. It's easy to see the "fake review" tells. If you are anything like what you claim to be you would have refunded the OP's money, since he is clearly not satisfied with your service.


Wow amazing how 5 people suddenly stand up for Dustin all within hours of each other? Not suspicious at all...

I am sure they are all real clients if his... Yea right!

to Anonymous #1013822

Actually I would be happy to clarify why that isn't suspicious at all, and yes, I am a real former client of Dustin's. He had promoted his next training on Facebook, to which someone posted a link to this article and page, causing all of us who saw Dustin's post to click on the link and read the article.

Not prompted, just wanting to share a very different experience with him. As someone said below, none of us can speak to the experience the author had because we weren't a part of it and it had nothing to do with our own. I have worked with Dustin since 2011 and can attest that the guidance, tools, knowledge and accountability he provided me served as a huge catalyst to my own coaching business thriving for the first time since I had began 5 years prior. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him, and I don't care what he does in his personal life.

His expertise as a coach and mentor are worth every penny and more.


Whenever I read a review as scathing as this, I think of the lesson of the pointing finger: as one finger points in accusation, three fingers point back to the accuser and their own "faults" that they are bringing to the table. I have witnessed wonderful life changes in people that Dustin has coached, myself included. The only people I see "fail" under Dustin's connected and caring guidance are the ones who don't do what he instructs.

to Anonymous #1015608

Haha.. So all negative reviews are clearly wrong and just a reflection of the person writing it?

This absurd logic strips you of any credibility.

I know of a few people who are equally as pissed as the person writing this review. His assertions that he can service his clients when he's off around the world are clearly not correct. Once he's got your money, he doesn't really care. A shame, but true.

Has he got results for some of his clients - yes - but he's also left many angry and disappointed and he's clearly failed numerous times...

He's even has the cheek to say to people he's never failed! That'll be a hard lie to keep up when a 'Dustin Vice' search brings up this post as the number one result : )

Shame - if he'd honored his money back 'guarantee' with his clients and their success was as important to him as he claimed, this could've all been avoided.


Dustin Vice is a not only a fierce in your face coach.He is also an extremely loving, caring, kind, true to who he is in all aspects of his life.

He may come across as harsh. He is instilling change within you.

It may be something you didn't even know needed changing and come across as judgement. It is so far the opposite of judgement.

We as people have choices in how we are going to react to a situation and other people. When it comes to Dustin his techniques work. I have had one the most awakening experiences of my life just a few weeks ago.

I was in a very unclear dark place.

I used the processes Dustin had shown me and worked through it. I didn't have a particular outcome in mind. All I knew was that I needed to feel better and thus better things will come as a result. I can't even describe how incredibly awesome the result I now have.

It worked out better than I could have imagined.

Beyond belief.

When it comes down to it, Dustin Vice truly cares about your well being. He is truly a loving person.

He wants you to succeed and be the best person you can be.He helped me beyond belief and continues to everyday.


I will say this, first, it's 2015 and my experience with Dustin has been for the past 2 years, so it started a year after the person with the original post. I can't speak to anything that occurred before I met him.

We all have directions in life that can pull us back and forth and sometimes not realize how it's viewed from the other persons perspective. But- there ARE 2 sides to each story. Clearly this is one sided. If Dustin made a mistake and messed up, and the writer actually has evidence then I believe Dustin will deal with it appropriately.

The Dustin I know, now, through his point blank manner and genuine guidance vs indulging in the "poor me" side of things has been a catalyst in my life. The thing is, I've had the Eb and flow of sticking to my practices and slipping away. In the end, the coach guides and the client does ALL the work. NO COACH can have a successful client that doesn't put in the work...

And honestly, with Dustin, there is significant work to be done in order to be successful. Whatever may have transpired in 2012, I don't know... What I do know is that Dustin today is someone I have invested my time and money with on more than one occasion and put in MY SIDE of the work. My life, based on MY EFFORTS, is amazing!

Dustin helped lead me to where "I" could take full accountability for my life and understand the WORK I needed to do to change things. For that, I am forever grateful.

Side note- family and private matters are not something to air when voicing professional dissatisfaction. No matter what our profession, we will likey always have a dissatisfied customer.

It's the nature of the beast. To this customer, I hope everything gets handled appropriately for both you and Dustin. That being said, anyone who posts family and personal matters in a business review has some personal things to deal with. I know people with whom I would never work, but I won't blatantly and publicly demean them just to vent.

In the end:

I value Dustin in my life. "If" he handled business poorly in this case, then he needs to deal with it and it actually has no bearing on his coaching today or my opinion of him. Now, today, I trust him. He has created a network of AMAZING individuals that I have the pleasure of working with on a professional, consistent, weekly basis.

I would guess that Dustin's "unfavorable" to "favorable" reviews would be at a ratio of 1:100 or less. I'll take those odds in any venture!


My experience of Dustin has been all positive. His help and guidance have been invaluable and exactly what I needed.

I feel lucky to have met him and for his coaching, which I started with him last year. I left a 9-5 job and I am now doing what I love to do and getting paid to do it. I have met amazing people along the way, including the woman of my dreams.

I am posting this here because I want to help anyone reading this page get a more authentic view of the Dustin that I know. I can't speak for other people, I will say that I have met and spoken to many many other people who have only good things to say about Dustin.

Dustin's approach can be very direct and he will never accept justifications of limitations or excuses, I truly believe that what he does comes from a place of genuine care. He has always held me and himself accountable to the highest standards and been reliable and dependable. My investment with him was an investment in myself and has been repaid many times over due to the success I have experienced from doing what I learned while working with him.

From my own experience I know that some people will find themselves struggling to let go of resistance when confronted with certain truths about them.

Dustin is very good at reflecting back to you the things you haven't been dealing with and putting the power in your hands to do something about it. It is up to you to make the choice whether to let that in and take action or not.


Well I think like any business you'll have unhappy customers and reviews. I was lucky enough to know the real Dustin and work with him to create very profound success.

This was in 2013. I went from struggling at a job to creating my own highly successful business. I also met the love of my life and end up marrying him this past fall. Dustin has always been a very powerful influence and delivered far beyond the value of what I paid him.

I'm certain there is more to the story than what is portrayed here. And knowing what he taught me this anger and ridicule will only result in more anger and ridicule in your own life. I also know many others that have benefitted significantly from working with him. Why do all these people pay him and sing his praises of he's the horrible person you claim him to be?

Maybe it wasn't him maybe you didn't do what he coached you to do and now need someone to blame? His system works if you do the work - it's simple. If you didn't get the value then you didn't do what it took to get it.

That is what he taught me and what I teach my clients. And simply put it works.


He is a self centered, egotistical, completely full of himself and his own gain, lying, cheating, abusive animal. He will go to any length to put you down and build himself up.

His way is the only "truth". You are to "learn" by the "mirror" he is portraying in moments when he is judging and breaking you down. I am not speaking about a business development venture with Dustin.

Simply him as a person.


This horrible person used to be my friend. I am so so sorry this happened to you.

He did the same thing to a friend I was in a business partnership with, wormed his way in with his high-pressure sales techniques, and ended up destroying the entire venture for me. This was in 2007.

He is all smoke and mirrors. And narcissism.

Orlando, Florida, United States #901637

He sounds like a classic scam artist. Taking advantage of good hearted people in need


When spending thousands of dollars, it is a good idea to research and call references. If you look up a resume on LinkedIn and call former employers, you will see that most people fabricate/lie about their experience and qualifications.

There was a 20/20 special on this. Remember that anyone can create a Facebook page and advertise the so called success of their business. Coaching companies that partner with licensed therapists that accept insurance tend to be a little more legit.

Good luck and remember that there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself and your wallet. Peace!


In January 2012 I found Dustin. He is my older brother.

I expected some doubt in his mind and others in my family simply because our dad never told them about me. When I found them via Google our dad never denied me and told them I was his child. Dustin and one of my aunts even hinted around that I must have popped up now for some type of financial gain. But I just wanted to know my family and build a relationship with them so I felt I would just have to show and prove.

He told me how successful he was and he wanted the same for me. There were issues with our dad that I won't go completely into detail about, but Dustin got mad at me because I refuse to hold a grudge and believes that God allows everything to happen with purpose. He told me he would forever hold a grudge and would often change the subject when I would try to help him understand that the negative energy only breaks him down and not dad. You would think he would know that being a life coach.

He often changed the subject when I mentioned God and the relationship I have with him he would always turn the conversation back to him and his success he's made "all on his own". Many times he made his life seem so perfect yet he was switching boyfriends every month and always complaining about wanting a relationship. How can you help others in life when your life isn't what you want it to be? He was in Bangkok and we made plans to unite and meet face to face for my 30th birthday, June 2012.

We were suppose to spend a week together getting to know each other as siblings should, which included dinner with my moms family and a trip to Chicago. In March 2012 I lost my job. Dustin became distant. I never asked anything of him only to love and know me.

Fast forward to June 1012 I found out he was in the states via his face book page from all of the check ins and pics of him and his friends having a good time. He got mad because when he finally made a few minutes to see me, I was getting a physical for a new job. He finally came to see me at my moms house days after my birthday. At that point I had not heard from him since he left Bangkok about 2 weeks before.

He came, he sat and watched Wheel of Fortune, and played with his iPhone. It was expressed to him the hurt I went through with his false promises of a relationship we both longed for and over 2 yrs later we will don't have.

If you need direction in life and guidance, Dustin isn't the person to help you succeed, when he only cares about his financial gain. I am sorry for anyone that was taken advantage of my Dustin and I just ask that you pray for him because he will have to answer for all of the people he has and will take advantage of before he leaves this earth.


Are you kidding me?

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